House Blessing

On November 18th, family and friends joined together to bless the future home of Devon and the Gales family.


We're making progress!

Things are starting to take shape at the construction site! Take a look at our progress.

We've Broken Ground!

Enjoy photos from the groundbreaking ceremony that was held on Friday, August 3rd!

Big News and a New Beginning

Whit Marshall (UGA Football Letterman ’92-’95) is making Bulldog Nation proud! Mr. Marshall is the CEO of Paran Homes, based out of Duluth, Ga. You’ll be hearing a lot about him from us in the coming months because today, he helped procure property for the Gales’ family home!

Meet Devon

You may have heard the story. You may think you understand the challenges Devon Gales and his family have faced over the last 2 years since Devon suffered a traumatic spinal injury during a football game between the University of Georgia and Southern University. There’s always more to the story, however, and for Devon and the Gales family, there’s a lot more life to live.

Unlikely Brothers

The two players have remained in close contact, building a friendship, a brotherhood even, that nobody could have predicted. Watch their story of forgiveness, faith and friendship in this piece by Bleacher Report Productions.

Step by Step

Two years ago, Gales told Courson he couldn’t feel anything as he lay on the field at Sanford Stadium. Today, Gales can feel pressure on parts of his legs. Nerves gradually have begun to fire in his chest and stomach. Then, in May, a milestone.


Help us reach our goal!